About Me – Patrick Radomski

cbd_oil_headerOf Polish heritage from a pure Polish family, I’m Patrick Radomski and I’m here to bring you into the world of Cannabis Seeds and their many benefits. I moved to the Netherlands at a young age, and was exposed there to Cannabis early on. I never saw it as strange until growing up and moving around some, but I guess I still don’t see it as strange. I see everywhere else as strange! There’s so many governments against this plant it blows my mind in all kinds of ways, I’ve never seen anything bad happen with people who use this both medically and recreationally.

I began using it when I was about 18 regularly, though I had snuck some a few times at a younger age. Personally, I never really needed it medically but I knew many who used Cannabis and its extracts such as the CBD oils regularly for a large variety of reasons. It seems quite effective to them, and I was intrigued by this plant because it provided such joy and relief to people who would otherwise be suffering and depressed! I’ve been a huge advocate for its legalization as an adult, especially after visiting the States awhile back. They’re draconic over there!

Luckily for them, certain intelligent states such as Colorado, Oregon, California, and a few others are seeing the light and I think it’s only a matter of time before the whole country gets the picture and lets people do what they want. I hope them to be an example for the rest of the world to show their mistake of beginning a war on a plant in the first place. It’s preposterous. They put people in jail for a long time there for it, I’d be ruined!

About myself, I spend most of my leisure time riding my bike or watching TV with my dog and girlfriend sometimes while smoking other times while not. Sometimes we like to go out into the country and just bike around or walk around and enjoy the outdoors, it’s really beautiful out there you know? It’s not a complex life, and I don’t really have a huge desire to do much except meet people out and about and enjoy the life I’m creating here with them. I work as a teacher here in the Netherlands where I’ve moved back to after living abroad for some time, and I figure what better extension of my skillset than to try to provide education to the masses about something I enjoy very much!

Anyways, this is me Patrick Radomski. Simple guy who enjoys Cannabis, oo scary! I enjoy writing a bit as a hobby as well, though nothing too serious. I’m here and trying to keep the world posted about the benefits of one of the world’s greatest plants! Seriously check it out, maybe move to somewhere that lets you check it out. Hope I’ve been beneficial to you in some way, at least in the most basic of educational sense.