Cannabis Seeds

difference-between-hemp-seed-oil-and-CBD-oilFrom the most simplistic of Hemp Seeds to the Scientifically Advanced Cannabis Seeds of Modern Cannabis culture, Marijuana Seeds are a vast topic of both controversy and admiration from many differing parties from around the world. They are used in many cuisines and for agriculture purposes as well as used in extractions for their beneficial oils contained within. Cannabis Seeds offer a wide array of uses some obvious, others not so much. Let us explore the vast world of Cannabis Seeds and the wide history of them.

From the dawn of agriculture Cannabis Seeds have been used both as a tool to create hemp and as an excellent source for food. One of the most fascinating aspects of these seeds are that they are nutritionally complete, this means that all the proteins acids and fats needed to survive can be obtained simply by eating Cannabis Seeds. This was noted early on by those who first started growing plants, and many experts have sound arguments that these seeds themselves were in fact what began the agricultural revolution in the first place. Beyond this though, the Cannabis Seed was highly invaluable as the hemp plant sprouted from within it. Hemp is an incredibly sturdy and versatile plant, which completely revolutionized clothing and housing for ancient Man. They used it to create rope and sanctuaries to dwell in, especially the nomadic peoples of S.E. China who had whole economies based on the trade of Hemp and its seeds.

This is not to forget another of the main uses of the Cannabis Seed, and that is to grow Marijuana. Early on people noted the medical benefits of both ingesting and inhaling the smoke of this plant to alleviate symptoms such as depression and inflammation, lacking modern medicine Marijuana become a go-to for many common ailments such as pain. As a religious sanctimony it became quite popular as well as it allowed the user to reach deeper meditative states than without. Some of these religions carry on in parts of Asia such as India and Pakistan.

In the modern times much of the use of the Cannabis Seed has been forgotten, mostly due to the War on Drugs faced in the majority of the world. Yet, it is slowly creeping back into the focus and has been part of a huge debate in recent times with many clamoring for the full legalization of the plant and its seeds, as its benefits can easily be said to outweigh the cons presented by it. Many modern breeders have taken this plant to unseen levels in all of recorded history by selective and scientifically breeding the best of the best plants together to create a vast array of different types of Cannabis and Seeds than ever before.

The biggest advancement in the Cannabis Seed for the purpose of Marijuana cultivation was simply caused paradoxically by pressure put on the growers during the beginnings of the War on Drugs. Simply put, they needed bigger yields, less seeds, and less stems to be able to pump out enough product to sustain their clientele while lowering the amount shipped and keeping their overheads at reasonable level. This was the dawn of the Golden Age of Cannabis Breeding where many of the amazing stocks of Cannabis we have now came from. What they noticed, very early on, was that when the males of the plant were removed before the females flowered the buds of the plant would become much more rich in THC, the main psychoactive chemical in the plant, the seeds would not occur and the density would be much higher. An all-around win for those seeking to ship out Cannabis illegally, as they would have to ship much less of the product but also keep the prices relatively the same as the quality of the plant was vastly higher.

Next came the genetic engineering a few years later. The first, and probably most popular type of this was the creation of the all feminized seed. When sprayed with colloidal silver during the sprout phase the female plants would turn hermaphroditic, and be able to impregnate themselves without the male genome being involved. The seeds that then sprouted from these plants were 100% guaranteed to be female, and non-hermaphroditic as long as they were kept under the proper conditions which most grow operations did not need to worry about. This provided an amazing opportunity for almost anyone with any level experience to start growing the plant, as one of the most difficult parts of achieving quality Cannabis was now automated.

Speaking of automation, the next big advancement in Cannabis engineering came about later upon the rediscovery of the Cannabis Ruderalis Genome. What makes the Ruderalis special is that it grows in harsh climates with little sunlight, so the plants evolved to be able to flower at just about any time of the year after a certain amount of days regardless of sunlight not to mention them being especially hardy due to the in-climate weather they faced. The Ruderalis, however, by itself produces almost zero THC. But, by crossing this strain with just about any other it keeps that hardiness and quick flowering period while maintain the THC product and strain type of the other plant. These are called auto-flowering seeds and are the next big thing in the Modern Cannabis Scene. High-Quality Cannabis plants of all kinds that flower quickly, without the need to monitor light exposure and can withstand harsh climates. This created an even easier way for growers to get started, taking out almost all of the effort to growing these plants. However, some quality is lost compared to a pure version of the strain but a negligible amount of bred correctly.

As you can see Cannabis Seeds are quite a bit more complicated than they may seem on the surface. It’s no wonder they have become a multi-billion dollar industry despite the growth of Cannabis being illegal in many countries. Luckily, the War on Drugs is ending one step at a time and soon these seeds will be back in the ground all over where they belong.